Orlando Car Accident Value – What is My Case Worth - First Question: Who Was At Fault?

March 4, 2014 by Tony Caggiano

Motor vehicle accidents happen often and without warning in the Orlando area. With many tourists trying to find their way around or local residents hurrying to get on with their busy lives, opportunities for an accident increase. When it does, lives can be turned upside down. Who is going to pay for the medical bills or lost wages? Will you be able to get a rental car until your vehicle is repaired or replaced?
As Orlando car accident lawyers, we receive these questions and more from innocent, hard-working individuals who want to get the lives back on track. Sadly, auto insurance companies may not always want to cooperate after a collision. Insurance representatives may deny fault or claim that the impact was minor and no one could reasonably have gotten hurt. When that happens, some people simply accept what is told them and no claim is made. Others may accept an inadequate sum of money in settlement of their injury claims.

When it comes to the proper value of your claim, you need to fully discuss with your lawyer (1) how your accident happened? Is there some question as to who was at fault? If so, that can seriously affect the settlement value of your claim. Why? In a car crash case, the first thing an injured party must do is prove that the other driver caused the collision. If there is doubt, such as “who had the green light?” then the insurance company representative knows that if the case did not settle and went to trial, a jury may find that their insured driver was not at fault. In that case, you would receive nothing. No monies for your injury. If that is a possibility in your case, then the settlement value would be lower than if you were rear-ended.

After deciding whether your accident happened in a way that leaves doubt as to who was at fault, then you need to discuss (2) whether you AND the other driver were both likely at fault. In Florida, the law requires all at fault parties to be responsible for their degree of fault. So, if the jury finds that the other driver may have been 70% at fault and you were 30% at fault, then you would receive 70% of the total money awarded. In such a situation, for settlement purposes, the insurance company may be willing to offer that percentage of your damages.

As you can see, it is very important that the attorney you hire spends sufficient time with you to go over all the facts and circumstances surrounding your case in order to best defend your actions and expose all of the careless conduct of the other driver. This takes time - yours and your attorney’s time. So, be certain to hire a lawyer who will be there for you – right from the start. You should not be pawned off to an investigator or paralegal. Otherwise, you are not getting the benefit of a trial lawyer’s experience on the important issues affecting “who was really to blame for the accident.”

Please feel free to call us now for assistance at 407-244-1212 ; or, if it is more convenient for you, just fill out our Get Help Now form and let us get started together.

Orlando Car Accident Lawyers Support Texting Restrictions

February 27, 2014 by Tony Caggiano

Orlando car accident? Need your car fixed right and quickly? Need a rental car to get around? Injured? Have medical bills? Get the information you need within seconds – now! Just fill out the Get Help Now Form and we will send you the Florida Accident Book.
As we protect our client interests, we move quickly to gather the important evidence. Now, Florida has joined 39 other states and the District of Columbia to restrict cell phone and held-hand device usage behind the wheel. In death and serious injury cases cell phone records can be used in the prosecution of claims. As Orlando car accident lawyers we have long supported commonsense restrictions on texting and driving. We have seen too many avoidable tragedies. Of course, the new law is not perfect.

The Florida Senate passed a modified version of the Use of Wireless Communications Devices While Driving bill, which makes texting illegal while driving with exceptions. It also prohibits instant messaging or emailing. Importantly, police can only charge a driver when another offense has been committed. So, the no texting law is only charged as a secondary offense with a $30 fine. Subsequent violations result in a $60 fine and drivers will be assessed points if they have a repeat offense within five years.

There are many exceptions which weaken the law and make it difficult to enforce. The law allows for texting at red lights, while pulled over, and if a voice texting system is used.
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, texting while driving makes crashes more than 20 times more likely.

While the law is a start, it will not prevent the dangers of texting because drivers will first have to be pulled over for another violation, and then police will have to determine if the driver was texting versus other permitted uses of cell phones. Obviously, we agree with local agencies that an all-out ban would be easier to enforce; and, therefore, provide better deterrence.

If you need immediate help after an accident, please call or use the online form. Let us seek the best result possible for you and your family.

How To Win Your Orlando Car Accident Case

January 24, 2014 by Tony Caggiano

Success in your Orlando car accident case depends on what you do NOW. Winning is largely under your control in traffic accident claims. How you conduct yourself within the first days and weeks after your injury will have a dramatic impact on the value of your accident case. Below are solid steps you can take to greatly improve your chances of getting a fair settlement offer. Never lose sight that the insurance company for the person who received the traffic ticket will try to pay you as little as possible.
First: Immediately report the accident by calling the police. Law enforcement officers will arrive at the crash scene and prepare an accident report that should explain and diagram how the accident happened, document the parties and witnesses, and list the insurance information for those individuals involved and the owners of the motor vehicles. That is important because under Florida law an owner may also have responsibility for the injury and property damage caused by a careless driver.

Second: Photograph your car and the other driver’s car at the scene. Many people do not think to photograph the other vehicle involved. Those photos can be very important in claims where damage to your vehicle may appear minimal while the damage to the other car seems significant. By photographing the scene, skid marks, broken glass and other road debris can convey the magnitude of the crash. Obviously, photographs will document the color, make and model of the cars or trucks at the scene.

Third: If you are hurt badly or confused, wait for emergency medical personnel to examine you. Otherwise, seek a medical evaluation promptly. Of course, always follow your doctor’s recommendation for treatment, medication and necessary tests. Or seek second opinions from specialists – especially if you do not find yourself getting better. Florida law now requires that you obtain medical treatment within the first 14 days after your accident in order to receive important auto insurance benefits.

Fourth: Put a TRIAL SPECIALIST on your side NOW. Hiring a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer very soon after your accident may level the playing field for you. The insurance companies have teams of lawyers on their side before your accident happened. The insurance company and their attorneys can take action on your claim the moment they receive notice of it. If you want the protection and peace of mind for any serious injury claim, you do not want to go it alone. Remember, we only charge a fee if we recover money for you. So, calling our office or completing an online Get Help Now Form is absolutely FREE.

Fifth: Never sign any insurance company forms without knowing what you are signing. Better still; always speak with a specialist before signing anything related to your injury claims. In addition, do NOT provide a recorded statement to car insurance adjusters. They may try to convince you that giving a recorded statement about the crash and your injury or damage will “make things go quicker.” Unfortunately, giving a statement without an attorney to point out significant issues and insurance company tactics may prove fatal to your case. Of course, if you agree to a low settlement figure without understanding the true value of your claim or the full extent of your damages, you may be forever prevented from obtaining a just result.

Sixth: Social media sites are not your friends. Adjusters and their lawyers can get access to Facebook, MySpace and Twitter to obtain information about you. Do not post anything about your accident - No scene or vehicle photos and no comments at all about the collision. In fact, you should scrutinize any photos or comments which may put you in a “bad” light to a potential jury. Of course, when your case is over you may enjoy these sites again.

Following these steps will help protect you from insurance company tricks. Choosing a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer will help protect you from lawyers who have no business handling your important car or truck accident case. Please let us know if you have been in an accident and you would like our help.

Truck, Tractor Trailer Accident & Injury Lawyer

December 9, 2013 by Tony Caggiano

Commercial motor vehicles are regulated by state and federal laws. The reason: the public needs and deserves to be protected from the serious harm that large trucks, semi-tractor trailers and vehicles carrying hazardous products can cause. As Orlando car and truck accident lawyers, we handle claims involving tragic circumstances that impact individuals and families. In order to better represent our clients, we limit the number of cases we accept. We believe that is the only way to properly handle each individual client’s case. After all, when you have an accident claim, it is the most important case you have. With tractor trailer claims attorneys should spend the necessary time to obtain vital information relating to the collision, the driver and the trucking company.


After years of specialization in civil trial work which includes car and truck claims, we continue to see dangerous vehicles harming innocent motorists. Some collisions involve horrific damage to passenger vehicles and it appears to be a miracle that anyone walked away alive. One such was big rig case involved a family who planned to spend an afternoon at the mall, but never made it.

As they headed towards the mall, a tractor trailer driver was not paying attention. As a result, he struck another car which collided with their vehicle head on at a high rate of speed. They never had any opportunity to protect themselves or to avoid the disaster. The air bags deployed, the mother and father described hearing their children screaming. Everything appeared to go blank. When the airbags deflated, the mother could not see out of one eye. She tried to remain calm so that she could help her screaming children. Mom and dad realized she needed to get their children out. They were covered in blood. When the mother tried to move, she realized her feet were trapped. A part of the minivan had collapsed downward. Fortunately, she managed to get her feet out of her shoes and then made her way back to her children.

All the while the father was struggling to stand up. His leg would barely function. Despite his physical condition, he was able to reach his way to his son, JD, who was seated behind him. All the while his wife tried to rescue their screaming daughter. After comforting her, the mother saw that her youngest son was not responding to her. Panic filled her and she tried to reach his booster seat and arose him. For several minutes he could not be awakened. Indeed, she described that time as the longest several minutes in her life. She believed her precious little boy had been killed.

After getting their children out of their minivan, mother and father recognized they needed medical care. Mother’s arm was impaired and weak. Her children were bruised and cut. All needed emergency medical attention. After being cared for and their injuries assessed, they began the process of dealing with the reality of what had happened.
Of course, in that situation, they faced the uncertainty of who was going to take care of the medical bills? Who would help with lost wages? They went home and tried to pick up the pieces of their life. Of course, that was difficult. While they suffered physical injuries, the mental anguish seemed to dominate in those early weeks. For days they would all sleep together in the family room. The children would suffer terrible nightmares. Of course, they would face further care and treatment and rehabilitation. All because of a careless truck driver and trucking company.

Head-On Collision & Air Bags

November 18, 2013 by Tony Caggiano

Head-on collisions create a high risk of death and serious injury. As Orlando car accident attorneys, we hear horrifying stories following these crash claims. Often, these auto wrecks occur late in the evening or early morning hours when drivers are tired or have been drinking. When alcohol and fatigue impair a motorist’s faculties, their vehicle may easily drift across the roadway. Recently, a teenage girl, heading on a mission’s trip to the Domican Republic never had the opportunity to do what she loved. Tragically, a drunk driver traveling on the wrong side of the highway slammed into her small passenger vehicle. Upon impact, her car burst into flames and she never made it out.


Air bags can often reduce the incidence of fatal auto crashes. Depending on the speed of the two vehicles, lives can be spared. Often there is little warning that another driver is going to cross the road and innocent motorists have little ability to maneuver out of harm’s way. So, effective, new generation air bags are a vital, motor vehicle safety feature. Indeed, even when an unsuspecting driver observes an approaching car or truck traveling erratically, there may be insufficient time to react. Of course, even when there is adequate reaction time for a driver – the question arises: which direction should you turn?

Defensive driving experts have focused on the best tactics when a driver has time to react to a vehicle heading towards them. When there is some warning, a driver must decide whether to turn to the right, heading towards the roadside; or, turn to the left, moving into the opposite side of the road. It is clear that the greatest danger is to move across the road and risk running into other vehicles. Also, the at-fault driver may realize that he or she crossed the center line and moves back at the last moment. So, the safest course is to move to the right and off the road when confronted with a direct, head-on collision.

Working with law enforcement and accident reconstructionists, experience further demonstrates that it is safer to stay on one’s side of the road and turn away from any oncoming motor vehicle. Eliminating the risk of slamming into the approaching driver who may turn back onto his/her side of the road is a significant factor. Sadly, the facts of another case support these experts. A middle-age man was heading home after a late shift at work. He was driving along a two lane road when another vehicle approached him. Instead of the victim turning towards the right, the post-crash evidence and skid marks revealed he moved across the road. That evasive action sadly ended in tragedy.

When head-on auto accidents occur, the damage is significant and often disabling. The injury is serious and can prove fatal. Often clients require emergency treatment at the scene of the crash and need transport to local hospitals. When the immediate shock passes, there is much to deal with and that’s where we can help. Having handled serious car accident cases for more than twenty years, we have been providing immediate peace of mind to accident victims and their families.

Car Accident & Dog Injury

October 1, 2013 by Tony Caggiano

As Orlando Injury Lawyers, we often hear of fatal car accidents and those resulting in permanent impairment. While our cases involve drivers and passengers, it is amazing how often the family pet is also travelling in the motor vehicle. Miraculously, the family pet, most often a dog, is unharmed in the collision. However, occasionally the four-legged member of the family also suffers as a result of a reckless driver on our Central Florida roads.

What may have begun as a routine Sunday drive to the park for a young man and his pet husky, became a nightmare when a semi-tractor-trailer ran them out of the intersection causing their vehicle to land upside down in a nearby field. The accident occurred when the truck driver improperly switched lanes. It was this reckless conduct which easily could have resulted in a fatal collision. Both, the owner and his pet, suffered required emergency medical care. While the young man was transported to a nearby hospital, his pet was taken to an Emergency Animal Clinic for urgent hip surgery.

Although it was a traumatic experience for both; the husky and her owner were lucky enough to survive the accident and continue rehabilitation for their injuries. Sadly some pets are not as fortunate. While the loss of human life is recognized and protected by Florida courts, the loss of a pet does not receive the same protections. Nonetheless, coping with the loss of a pet can be extremely difficult. Owners take considerable time to love and care for their pets; so, it is not surprising that folks try to keep their pets as safe as possible. Due to the danger of collisions and unexpected, emergency braking, some travel with their pet secure in a kennel. Others use systems to secure their animal to a leash within the vehicle - limiting the amount of movement.


Inasmuch as more and more folks are traveling with a pet, a number of insurance companies offer products which cover veterinary costs that may result from a car accident. We know that distracted drivers and hazardous road design can have devastating consequences. Certainly, it is important for everyone to keep their eyes on the road and concentrate. Whether it is a baby crying, a dog or a flying insect, all of these create opportunity for driver inattention. Whatever can be done to reasonably reduce or eliminate potential dangers should be considered. The above photo shows a dedicated effort to keep one family pet safe and prevent driver distraction.

Orlando Motorcycle Accidents Increase

September 5, 2013 by Tony Caggiano

Motorcycles are fun to ride, but there are serious risks. Primarily, the greatest risk lies in the fact that the majority of motorists fail to consider their two-wheel counterparts. Drivers of cars, SUVs and trucks often forget that motorcycles are less visible on the road. Collisions occur when “blind spots” are neglected. Many people simply do not realize their obligation when sharing the road. As Orlando accident lawyers, we understand that education is necessary to reduce these hazards.

Over the years, we have seen many factors contribute to these claims, including bad weather, heavy traffic and road conditions. However, the vast majority of tragedies are caused by other drivers failing to appreciate the presence of the bike. We have seen too many individuals badly injured in these collisions. Drivers who make a reckless turn or carelessly speed can severely injure a rider. While accounting for less than 3 percent of vehicles on the road, these riders are involved in more than 10 percent of all crashes.

We have seen experienced individuals suffer needless harm and death. Recently, an on-duty law enforcement officer was approaching an intersection when another driver failed to see his bike and changed lanes. As the driver moved over, he struck the officer knocking him to the pavement. Although the officer had his helmet on properly, the impact was so severe that he died shortly after being transported to the hospital. Such a horrible collision left little opportunity for the emergency department doctors to save him. Tragically, the law enforcement officer had been a 22-year veteran. Yet, with all that experience, he could not protect himself. As is usually the case, the driver of the car involved in the collision suffered essentially no harm.

Another experienced biker, wearing an excellent quality helmet, was driving a new Harley Davidson, when an approaching vehicle failed to yield. The driver of a large pickup truck turned in front of him, causing a terrible impact with side of truck. As a result, another fatality. Again, the driver of the pickup truck sustained no real damage. Once again, accidents like these are very common. In fact, research shows that the majority of wrecks involve frontal impact, while less than 5 percent of collisions involve impact to the rear of the bike.

Unfortunately, many of these fatalities could have been prevented if drivers would have been more aware of their surroundings. Automobile drivers must learn to keep a look-out, yield the right of way and keep a safe distance. Meanwhile bikers need to continue to be vigilant and never assume that another motorist sees them. The lack of attention at any speed for even a moment can result in a life-altering experience.

Christian Lawyer Rules

August 29, 2013 by Tony Caggiano

A Christian lawyer handling car accident and injury claims can succeed in Orlando. In fact, as a favored child of God, a Christian lawyer will prosper and so will his clients. While lawyers work in a civil justice system that seems contrary to Christian values, our accident and injury clients have received just results by our law firm’s adherence to solid, biblical teachings.

By glorifying God in all we do, we never lose sight of what it means to be a Christian lawyer. Seeking justice does not require being rude or hostile towards opposing lawyers, parties or witnesses. Indeed, as a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer handling car and truck accident cases, the best advocacy incorporates respect and kindness in all aspects of the practice of law. Yes, even the drunk driver who killed an innocent child can be remorseful and deserves a delicate, but thorough examination. No competent lawyer would rudely examine or attack any witness. The Golden Rule – to treat others as you would want to be treated – plays an important role in every civil trial. In fact, in all aspects of our lives, whether you ask, “What would Jesus do?” or you simply ask, “How would I want to be treated?” the answer is the same.

We have obtained record results for our clients. We have received thanks and hugs from those whose lives we have been blessed to touch over the years. We value all our relationships built on integrity and honesty. As for me and my house, we will continue to serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15.

Orlando Bike Accident & Injury

July 6, 2013 by Tony Caggiano

There are a number of common causes of bike accidents. A recent study demonstrates the following behavior most often leads to a bicyclist’s death: exiting a driveway in front of an on-coming vehicle; turning left in front of a passing vehicle; traveling on the wrong side of the road; and turning right in front of a vehicle; losing control and swerving into the path of a car or truck; and turning left while unaware of approaching traffic.

Sadly, most of these fatal bike accidents can be prevented. It is important for both the bicyclist and driver to recognize the mutual obligations each possess. Like motorists, bike riders have certain obligations when traveling on streets and roadways. Unfortunately, it seems many riders fail to consider their obligations as well as their surroundings. The result is needless dangers.

Fortunately, both voluntary use and laws requiring protective headwear have dramatically increased over the past years. While any crash involving a car, truck or suv may cause serious injury or death, the use of helmets can minimize head trauma and save lives. This is especially true in low speed and glancing collisions. By providing head protection, the incidence of brain injury can be diminished. Certainly, this is a simple measure to provide an extra degree of safety for both adults and children.

As Orlando injury lawyers, we have found that lack of road maintenance too often contributes to unnecessary harm. Potholes, broken road surfaces and uneven sewer grates can cause terrible mishaps. These road defects too often turn a fun ride into a disaster.

One legal battle against a municipality resulted in a significant award for a bike rider after finding that a pothole created a trap that the city should have addressed. Another legal claim involved a woman who was paralyzed after her wheel got caught in a sewer grate. Neither occurred on a designated bike path, which highlights the danger that bicyclists face riding on streets and roads.

Examples of Orlando road dangers include large cracks in the pavement like those around Colonial Drive and Orange Avenue. There are sewer covers which lying below the grade of the road surface as well. Yet, little appears to be done to correct these situations. Obviously, municipal, county and state budget concerns cause politicians to dismiss potential dangers when there is not a great out cry of support for a maintenance project. Sadly, we continue to find dangers on our roads, especially at night, which could easily cause an individual to be thrown.

When an individual chooses to ride for environmental reasons or health or recreation, there should be safe paths along our roads and streets. We are in need of safer paths with adequate buffer zones to eliminate or reduce dangers. Certainly, this would include protection around construction zones and other areas where vehicular traffic presents hazards.

To obtain more information, please feel free to contact us. If you or someone you know has been involved in a bike accident and has questions, we would like to help. Holding people accountable for their wrongdoing can make a difference. There is no excuse for endangering the life of a child or adult rider.

Car Accident Lawyer in Orlando Wins Back Injury Trial

June 12, 2013 by Tony Caggiano

Orlando Car accident? Prior back injury? Prior neck injury? Prior workers compensation claim? How will the injury to your neck or back before the car accident effect your chances? Can you win at trial following a car accident - a rear-end collision that was NOT your fault if you had a back or neck injury Before the car accident?

As Orlando car accident lawyers, we successfully tried another car accident case and won more than $500,000 for a hard-working man who had NOT one, but 2 prior back injuries and NOT one but 2 prior back SURGERIES and claimed “the new car accident made things WORSE.” Before he asked us to represent him, he had been offered $15,000…not even enough to cover his out-of-pocket expenses in the years the car insurance company dragged its feet. So, he expected little from us, BUT, he had hope and felt thankful that we would try to help.

Working with the finest doctors in physical medicine and rehabilitation and neurosurgery, we took on the insurance company and its lawyers. We never lost sight of our client’s right to be treated fairly. Our client soon came to understand that our firm is NOT like any other. We take few cases, dedicate our team to thoroughly obtain every positive medical fact to fully develop the real damages. We do NOT just settle for whatever the insurance company wants to pay. Our client thankfully got to a law firm of real trial lawyers. Not some foolish, tv advertisers pretending to be aggressive, or willing to go to trial. WE DO GO TO TRIAL when our clients are not treated fairly by insurance companies. RECENT RESULT- $15,000 offer to our client – JURY AWARD – In Excess of One Half Million Dollars!

We believe YOU deserve that kind of lawyer. Do NOT let anyone tell you that due to your prior back injury or prior neck injury or prior back surgery, that your claim has no value. Get as far away from those people as quickly as you can.

Everyone involved in an Orlando car accident wants to hire the BEST auto accident attorney, the most ethical and one recognized by The Florida Bar as a SPECIALIST.
As Orlando car accident lawyers, we provide our clients with the advantage of a Medical Doctor/Lawyer, a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer and a Critical Care Nurse. Our expertise in medicine and law puts our clients on a level playing field when taking on insurance companies.

We have achieved one of the largest verdicts in the United States. As we have shared with other lawyers, our secret is limiting the number of cases we handle so that we are always prepared to go to trial. Insurance companies know which lawyers try cases and which do not.
As our clients understand, a legal claim is a difficult, stressful situation. By communicating regularly with our clients we keep them up-to-date on both the medical and legal aspects of their Orlando car accident case. Well-informed clients suffer less anxiety during the legal process and can better assist us.

If you need assistance after an Orlando car accident, do what many have already done: Order a free copy of the Florida Car Accident Book, Seeking Justice: An Insider's Guide for the Injured. If someone has been involved in an accident, it is a great place to start. Or just call me at 407-244-1212.

Orlando Car Accident Victims Benefit From PIP Court Battle

May 26, 2013 by Tony Caggiano

Recovering the highest awards for Orlando car accident clients requires teamwork and dedication. Our proven track record provides peace of mind. This year we have battled more insurance company efforts to deny benefits.
When injured in a car accident, Florida auto insurance should provide immediate and definite benefits to assist with medical and hospital bills and lost wages. However, this year the insurance industry convinced the Florida legislature to reduce PIP (personal injury protection) benefits for those involved in motor vehicle collisions without any guarantee of increased savings to Floridians. Appropriately, Leon County Circuit Judge Terry Lewis ruled on March 20, 2013, that the law illegally prevents accident patients from using PIP claims to pay for treatment by acupuncturists, chiropractors and massage therapists. He also found that the law’s lower limit on how much will be paid for non-emergency medical care to be unfair to policy holders.

Gov. Rick Scott and state Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater championed the law as a means to reduce auto insurance fraud. Scott signed the law in May 2012, with key provisions going into effect on Jan. 1, 2013. On its face, the law makes Florida car owners buy $10,000 of coverage, even though the insurance company will likely be permitted to deny benefits after only $2,500. As Orlando car accident attorneys, we find that terribly unfair.

Judge Lewis wrote on April 17 that he issued the injunction against an automatic stay by the state to “prevent the potential harm to citizens injured in automobile accidents who, under the present PIP statute, may not receive necessary medical care.”

That decision had been appealed to the First District Court of Appeal. Supporters of new law want the injunction removed so the provisions can be enforced. Nonetheless, the 1st District Court of Appeal found Judge Lewis’ action appropriate and therefore the injunction that keeps the state from imposing bad parts of the 2012 PIP law remains in place. Of course, the battle over motor vehicle insurance continues and the Florida Supreme Court will likely decide the issue. So, we will wait to see whether the insurance industry will ultimately be permitted to deprive people of the benefits they paid for.

As Orlando car accident lawyers, we applaud Judge Lewis’ decisions and the action of the appeals court to prevent injustice to Florida consumers. However, the Florida legislature should consider mandatory bodily injury coverage again next year. Only by requiring all car owners to obtain insurance coverage will those innocent victims of car accidents have some degree of protection. Too many times our clients are hurt by car owners and drivers without any bodily injury coverage. If our clients have no uninsured motorist coverage on their own policy, there will be no insurance available to compensate them for permanent injury and suffering.

If you are injured and need help, let us instantly send you the Florida Accident Book. Within just seconds you will receive your FREE copy. You deserve to be treated fairly and to get your bills paid promptly. Do not accept less from the insurance company. Get the inside information you need now!

Orlando Car Accident: Tips to Protect Yourself

April 2, 2013 by Tony Caggiano

Would you know what to do if you were driving in Orlando and another car runs into you? When an Orlando car accident happens, you can suffer injury, trauma and become confused. It is important to take care of things at the scene of any Orlando car accident and to protect yourself and your family afterwards. As Orlando car accident lawyers, we provide the following great suggestions for anyone involved in an automobile accident:

Stay at the Scene of the Car Accident: After a car accident you should stay at the scene until police or other law enforcement arrives. If you leave the scene of an accident, you may suffer further injury or you may prevent police from documenting important evidence that may be used in your Orlando car accident case.

Injury to Other Drivers and Passengers: When you gather yourself, check to make sure that everyone else involved in the accident is fine. Contact 911 for anyone who needs medical attention, including yourself. If suffering neck or back pain, try not to move until qualified medical personnel arrive. Never take chances with neck or back injury in a car accident. Sadly, car accident victims can suffer paralysis from neck and back injury.

Notify Police: Even if you do not believe you have an injury, if there is property damage or injury to others, you should contact law enforcement. When police arrive at the car accident scene make sure the officer files a police report. Try to get the police officer’s name and a card with the car accident case number if available.

Trust No One: Never assume the police will get all the details or complete a thorough police report of the car accident. We have found too many times that a police report failed to contain important information helpful to our clients’ car accident case. So, obtain the other drivers’ names, phone numbers, addresses, drivers' license numbers, license plate numbers, car insurance company name and car insurance policy number. If there were passengers in the cars involved in the accident, obtain their names and telephone numbers as well.

Other Witnesses: If you can speak to anyone who witnessed the Orlando car accident. Find out it they saw the car accident when it happened or did they come upon the scene of the car accident immediately afterwards. Again, obtain their names and telephone numbers. Many people will want to help if the car accident was serious and they find someone was clearly to blame.

Photos: You should photograph damage to your car and to the other car that caused the car accident. Also, take photos of the scene and any broken glass or debris from the impact. This will be very important in your car accident case. Fortunately, most cell phones provide cameras and with email capabilities, we often receive car accident photos from our clients or their family soon after the Orlando car accident.

Careful Who You Speak With: Do not talk to anyone about the car accident other than your lawyer, your insurance company, and the police. Do not talk to the car accident lawyer for the at-fault driver and do not talk to the at-fault driver’s car insurance company representative.

Never Agree to Settle Before You Know the Extent of Your Injury: Car insurance companies may make early, low settlement offers to entice you to settle. By doing so, insurance companies can save thousands of dollars or more. You need to protect yourself and be certain that your injury has been treated and the prognosis is clear. Obviously, you should have the benefit of a car accident lawyer who specializes in these medical claims review your case with you.

If you need assistance after an Orlando car accident, do what many have already done: Order a free copy of the Florida Car Accident Book, Seeking Justice: An Insider's Guide for the Injured. If someone has been involved in an accident, it is a great place to start. Or just call me at 407-244-1212.